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Meeting Schedule & Materials

board of ed

Board of Education

Unless otherwise noted, Livingston ESA Board Meetings are held at 6:00 p.m. in the Innovation Center at the LESA Education Center at 1425 West Grand River Avenue, Howell, Michigan

July 14, 2021┃Regular Meeting┃AgendaMinutes

August 18, 2021┃Regular Meeting┃AgendaMinutes (rescheduled from August 11th)

September 8, 2021┃Regular Meeting┃AgendaMinutes

October 13, 2021┃Regular Meeting (and 1st Quarter Superintendent Evaluation)┃AgendaMinutes

November 10, 2021┃Regular Meeting┃AgendaMinutes

December 15, 2021┃Regular Meeting (and 2nd Quarter Superintendent Evaluation)┃AgendaMinutes

January 12, 2022┃Regular Meeting┃AgendaMinutes

February 9, 2022┃Regular Meeting┃AgendaMinutes

March 9, 2022┃Regular Meeting (and 3rd Quarter Superintendent Evaluation)┃AgendaMinutes

March 18, 2022┃Special Meeting┃4:00 pm┃AgendaMinutes

April 13, 2022┃Regular Meeting Regular Meeting and LESA Budget Work Session┃AgendaMinutes

April 20, 2022┃Budget Meeting (5:30 pm) and LCASB Meeting (6:30 pm)┃Agenda┃Minutes┃Meeting canceled

May 11, 2022┃Regular Meeting and LESA Budget Hearing┃AgendaMinutes

May 25, 2022┃Special Meeting (Superintendent Evaluation)┃Agenda┃Minutes

June 15, 2022┃Regular Meeting and Organizational Meeting┃Agenda┃Minutes