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Talking Is Teaching

talking is teaching

Talking is Teaching

Our overarching goal is for every child in Livingston County to be proficient in literacy skills by the age of eight.

We built our campaign on the belief that efforts needed to support parents and families of young children must begin at birth and involve multiple stakeholders in the community to reach this goal.

The campaign is focused on partnering with faith-based organizations, local school districts, laundromats, local libraries, and community service organizations, which will enable them to share Talking Is Teaching messaging, train 200 Trusted Messengers, and develop creative ways to work on achieving their goal. We are expanding our campaign plans to include pediatricians, dentists, local hospitals, and more. 

Literacy Lives Here

Literacy Lives Here is about making literacy a priority in Livingston County and becoming the village that helps every single child who lives here become a proficient reader by the end of third grade.

Research shows that talking, reading, and singing with your child every day beginning at birth helps build their brain and important language, math, and reading skills for use in school and beyond.

We want to partner with families and our community to ensure that all children are reading proficiently by the end of third grade.

Learn more about Literacy Lives Here by listening to one of our previously recorded podcasts!