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Who We Are

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We are a service agency specializing in education.  We were initially formed as a county school in 1942 and officially organized as an intermediate school district (ISD) under Michigan Law in 1962.  On March 6, 1990, we changed our name to the Livingston Educational Service Agency to better represent our organizational purpose.  We are a large organization deeply rooted in the education system here in Livingston County and the State of Michigan.

taxpayer services

As an educational service agency, we receive a portion of county residents’ property, state, and federal tax dollars.  Those dollars flow to us through the state of Michigan, and we use those dollars to help our local schools expand educational opportunities, broaden student services, and operate more efficiently through shared services and purchasing power.

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We are educators, leaders, collaborators, number crunchers, school bus drivers, techies, and relationship builders. We are welcoming, passionate, inclusive, progressive, and dedicated to the education and success of each student in Livingston County.

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We are committed to working for the greater good. We’re motivated by a culture that empowers us to do the right thing for the right reason, unleash our and others’ potential, value others’ thoughts and opinions, and encourages new approaches to improve how we serve our students, families, and local communities and school districts.

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We’re more than an Educational Service Agency.  We are friends and colleagues whose bonds extend far beyond school buildings.