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Automotive Service, Test, or Powertrain Development Technicians

Enrollment into the Automotive Technician programs begins at Brighton High School, Hartland High School, or Pinckney High School in year 11 by taking Automotive through Livingston County’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) consortium agreements. The remainder of your time will be spent at your home high school.

During years 12 and 13, you will be a full-time college student who will spend your day at WCC’s main campus in Ann Arbor. 

Before moving on to year 13, you will have the opportunity to pursue either the Automotive Service Technician, Automotive Test Technician, or Powertrain Development Technician associate degree.

Example Programs of Study

wcc auto tech

Service Technician

wcc auto test tech


wcc powertrain dev tech

Powertrain Development Technician