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Special Education


What is Special Education?

Special education is a range of services and supports that help kids with disabilities learn.  It’s all about the individual child and giving them the resources they need to make progress in school.

How We Help Students with Disabilities

We provide education and support services for students with disabilities from birth through age 26. We provide services to students enrolled in our center-based programs and students enrolled in local district schools.

Read our Plan for the Delivery of Special Education Services.

Center-based Programs

We use the term "center-based programs" to describe our programs that serve the students in Livingston County who have the most complex disabilities.  Our center-based programs are located in Pathway School, which is located on our main campus, and in classrooms located in Howell Public Schools.

Local District Services

We partner with our local districts to bring special education leadership and support to students enrolled in their schools. We work directly in the schools, alongside fellow educators, to provide services for families and students.

Are You Concerned About Your Child's Development?

Learn more about first steps, how special education eligibility works, the evaluation process, and who to contact for help.


Early Childhood Special Education

We provide special education and support services to help preschoolers ages 3–5 with disabilities develop their learning, social, and physical skills, preparing them to enter school and succeed.

Elementary & Middle School

Our team of highly skilled teachers, psychologists, social workers, speech and language therapists, physical and occupational therapists, nurses, specialists, and consultants work with students with disabilities. We work with students enrolled in our center-based programs, but we also work directly with students enrolled in our local schools to provide services for them and their families.

elementary and middle
adult transition

High School & Beyond

Our Adult Transition program is for young adults who attend our center-based program or recently graduated from high school. We focus on helping students broaden their literacy skills and transition into adulthood, and lead fulfilling lives.

Finding Support

Get your child the help they need.  Contact the Special Education Director in your child's school district to find out how we can help.

douglas haseley
Douglas Haseley
Assistant Superintendent
michelle allison
Michelle Allison
Director, Brighton Area Schools
carie cowger
Carie Cowger
Director, Pinckney Community Schools
adrian dean
Adrian Dean
Director, Hartland Consolidated Schools
Mary Wiese
Director, Fowlerville Community Schools
sara leggett
Sara Leggett
Early Childhood Special Education
moloney profile 1x1-02
Marci Moloney
Program Improvement and Accountability
malissa patrick
Malissa Patrick
Director, Howell Public Schools
kristen resseguie
Kristin Resseguie
Director, Pathway School

Parent Advisory Committee

The Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) are residents of Livingston County and parents of children with disabilities who help parents find resources, support, training opportunities, and information in all areas of education for students with disabilities.