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Strategic Plan

Every day, we're advancing educational excellence.

Our Vision

Leading the Community to Achieve Educational Excellence.

Our Mission

Promote a Culture of Educational Excellence for Livingston County through Service, Leadership, and Collaboration.

Strategic Goals

Our strategic goals are centered around narrowing the socioeconomic achievement gap, improving student opportunities to learn, advancing student literacy, and implementing strategies to minimize student social, emotional, and behavior problems.

Communicate our strategic plan and goals

Goal 1: All staff and key community members will understand our strategic plan, goals, and their role in helping to achieve them.

Implement our communications plan and develop strong partnerships

Goal 2:  Fully implement our board-approved comprehensive communications plan.

Goal 3:  Present a report to the Board of Education on our partnership programs.

Close student achievement gaps and reduce inequities

Goal 4:  Create a cohort-based Livingston County proficiency and student growth report for the Board of Education to contemplate future goals.

Goal 5:  Develop an action plan for each district to narrow the achievement gap and improve student opportunities to learn.

Goal 6:  The “Essential Practices in Early and Elementary Literacy” program will be familiar and used by each pre-kindergarten – grade 3 teacher in Livingston County.

Improve student performance through social-emotional learning

Goal 7:  Provide five new strategies for all Livingston County students to minimize the effect of social, emotional, and behavior problems on their ability to succeed in school.

Expand career and college programs

Goal 8:  Implement 10 new learning opportunities for students to earn valuable industry and college credentials on their way to a successful career.

Promote a collaborative work environment

Goal 9:  Livingston ESA leaders will ensure an environment of trust and cooperation where new ideas and collaboration are encouraged, and staff feel supported by those around them.