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Regular School-day Bus Driver Positions

Regular school-day bus drivers drive regular routes each school day.  Each route has defined weekly package hours.  While the number of weekly hours may vary from route to route, your weekly hours remain consistent once assigned a route.


Hourly Wage Range

Base Hourly Wage Range:  $18.87 - $21.22


Health Benefits

Single-subscriber Health Benefits (paid by the Agency)
Click to view plan benefits-at-a-glance:   BCBS PPO Plan 5       BCBS PPO Plan 6
Click to view plan costs:  2022 Transportation Plan Costs


Cash in Lieu of Benefits:  $5,000.00 per year
Drivers choosing cash in lieu of benefits will receive $5,000.00 per year.  This amount is divided into 20 equal payments of $250.00 and paid on the 1st and 2nd pays of each month between September and June. 


Equivalent Hourly Wage for a 6-hour Day

Wage $18.87 $21.22
Cash in Lieu $4.63 $4.63
Total $23.50 $25.85