GAFE Resources

Please use the resources provided on this page as your first and definitive resource for training and questions as you become familiar with GAFE, and as your expertise grows.

GAFE Learning Center    This site will be your definitive source for allGAFE training; it was created by Google for Google Trainers and is a fantastic reference, no matter your level of proficiency.
Google Calendar  
Google Drive  
Google Docs 
  Each of these links provide an extensive, application-specific lesson. The lessons may be viewed in systematic order, used as a tool  for quick reference or as a resource for an in-depth exploration of a particular application. 
GAFE vs. Outlook    The comparisons between Outlook and Google provided in this resource may be helpful to you as we make the transition from Microsoft Exchange/Outlook to GAFE. 
For assistance, please contact the Technology Help Desk at