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National Apprenticeship Week

career development team
career development team

Laura Hoehn, Heidi Danpullo & Rebecca Holman


Celebrating National Apprenticeship Week

Michelle Radcliffe, Executive Director for Career Development


WOW! Have you ever used a jackhammer, operated an excavator, or laid brick?  It was challenging, fun, and educational!

Four members of the Livingston ESA's Career Development team, six local high school counselors, and over 100 other educators from around the state participated in the Educator Open House at Operating Engineers 324 in Howell on November 18.

Presentations from Russ Davis the State Apprenticeship Director as well as several representatives from a variety of registered apprenticeship programs shared industry information with all of us. Everyone was provided safety gear including gloves, hard hats, and some vests before we experienced 9 different hands-on trades areas. The information and connections we made will greatly benefit our students in our county!

Apprenticeship opportunities are a debt-free way to advance your education and career. Programs provide employment, education, and training, and take between  1 – 5 years to complete. Nationally, this educational model is expanding outside of the traditional professional trades areas to include health care, IT, and many more pathways.

Learn more about apprenticeships and their benefits at