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LESA offers FREE (must meet eligibility requirements) high quality preschool programs to children throughout Livingston County. 

LESA preschool programs utilize a research-based curriculum in a supportive learning environment to assist children with the development of the skills needed to be ready for kindergarten and beyond. The curriculum has a focus on helping preschoolers develop the early reading and math skills needed to be successful in school.  Additionally, attention to the whole child includes a focus on social and emotional development.  Children learn skills to negotiate, problem solve and develop empathy as they interact with their peers and other adults in early childhood settings.  Activities to develop gross and fine motors skills are included on a daily basis to make sure all five of the dimensions of readiness are addressed.  Parent involvement during the preschool years is encouraged and all programs provide multiple opportunities for parents to participate in their child’s experience. 

Decisions for enrollment into Head Start and Great Start Readiness Program classrooms are based on individual family experiences, one or more of these experiences may qualify your child:

  • Family Income
  • Concerns about your child's development
  • Challenging behavior
  • English as a second language
  • Family school difficulties
  • Environmental Risk (Abuse, Addiction, Mental Health)
  • Single parent home due to divorce, deployment, incarceration, illness
  • Change in guardianship

Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP) and Head Start classrooms are located throughout the county, in each of the local school districts:  Brighton, Fowlerville, Gregory, Howell and Pinckney. 


The Great Start Readiness Program  (GSRP) is a FREE, state funded, preschool program for 4 year old children.   There are many GSRP classroom sites in Livingston County, with highly qualified teachers offering research based curriculum that are proven to help prepare children for kindergarten. School-day and part-day programs are available.

GSRP classrooms are offered in high quality settings as defined by the Great Start to Quality.  To learn more about why high quality matters and how the Great Start to Quality defines high quality programming visit the Great Start to Quality website.

Transportation for GSRP eligible children is available on a limited basis within a one-hour route to and from school.


Head Start is a FREE, federally funded, preschool program that promotes school readiness by enhancing the social and cognitive development of children through the provision of educational, health, nutritional, social and other services to enrolled children and families. 

LESA has been the grantee for Livingston County Head Start Programs for the past 50 years, providing comprehensive child development services for three to five year olds whose families are facing economic challenges.

Significant emphasis is placed on the involvement of parents, engaging them in their child's learning and making decisions about their educational goals.  Parents are encouraged to participate in the classrooms by planning and supervising activities.  There is also opportunity to serve on committees emphasizing health and nutrition as well as connecting with community resources.  Parent may become involved in Policy Council, making decisions about programs and services for families.

Transportation for all Head Start eligible children is available within a one-hour route to and from school.  

Brighton - Classrooms located in Miller Early Childhood Center
Fowlerville - Classrooms located in Munn Early Learning Center
Howell - Classrooms located in LESA, Three Fires, Challenger
Hartland - Classrooms located in the Hartland Community Education building
Pinckney - Classrooms located in Lakeland Elementary
Gregory - Classrooms located in Howlett Elementary

2015/2016 ENROLLMENT

Please bring the following documents to your Enrollment Appointment:

  • Completed Enrollment Application
  • Verification of all Reported Income
  • Up-to-date Immunization Records and/or Health DepartmentImmunization Waiver
  • Birth Certificate (must be actual birth certificate
  • Medical Insurance Cards
  • Custody/Visitation Paperwork (if necessary)
  • Development Documents (IEP, IFSP, Early On Transition Forms, if necessary)

***Note*** If you do not have an actual birth certificate and would like assistance obtaining one, please ask when making your appointment


Last Modified on April 2, 2015