Graduation and Dropout (GAD) Information & Processes


July 20 through September 14 – Graduation Rate Appeals Window

  • Review cohort and primary education providing entity (PEPE) reports in MSDS for accuracy and completeness.
  • Make any necessary corrections through MSDS Student Record Maintenance (SRM).
  • Report all summer graduates (with a graduation date on or before August 31).


Be sure all graduates are accurately reported.

Please remember, you are not able to claim an FTE for a student who was reported (by you or another district) as graduated.  If, during your review process, you discover you submitted a 2015-16 grad code that is not accurate, change the exit code in SRM to “19”, keeping the same exit date you reported for the grad code.

PLEASE make these changes by the September 16 deadline. 

Note: Graduation/completer code corrections can only be made by the entity that submitted the original code. For incorrect exit codes, prior to 2014, see the following GAD Audit section.

October 17 through December 1 – GAD Audits 

  • ISDs are required to audit the graduation and exit codes for each high school scheduled to be field audited during the 2016-17 school year. Specific instructions will be emailed to you as soon as the application opens.
  • Please make sure the MDE-required documentation is on file for each code.

  • We will send you the list of high schools scheduled to be audited for either the October or February count in mid-October.
  • If you find an incorrect grad/exit code that was not corrected by the September 14 deadline, we can correct it through the audit process if supported by proper documentation. If the correction is for a student you want to claim for FTE in the Fall general collection, please submit the request and supporting documentation no later than October 31 to insure we will have enough time to complete the process prior to the November 16 general collection certification deadline.  

Visit the Graduation and Dropout Application web page for the most up-to-date information.

This page includes the user support materials including a user’s guide with an appendix of acceptable exit status documentation.